The thought of Iran, regime change, freedom and democracy in Iran and all the brave men and women who fight for these ideals on a daily basis occupy a lot of my time. For a long time I have looked for answers on how things can change... and the fact that I have not come up with a satisfying answer has been quite frustrating.

However for the first time tonight I came to a realization, it's OK not to have all the ANSWERS, what is important is to have QUESTIONS, as long as we continue to form questions, to think about issues and not to accept things at face value there is still hope that we can bring change, even great change to Iran. On the day we feel like we know everything and have all the answers ( like many unfortunate souls who are lost in their ignorance) is the day all hope will be lost and there will be no chance for a better Iran.

In my experience I have always found that those who felt like they knew everything were the exact people who were the most ignorant and did not know anything. As long as I have questions I will always feel fortunate, even if I don't always have the answers.

Long Live Freedom
Down With Dictatorship


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