According to the latest news received from Section 4 of the Gohardasht Prison in Iran Both Mr. Khaled Hardani and Mr. Mansour Radpour are on the 3rd day of their hunger strike. Mr. Hardani and Radpour started their hunger strike on August 5th 2008 in response to the increased physical and psychological torture towards political prisoners in Gohardasht Prison.

Mr. Hardani and Radpour have written a letter to the prison officials setting out their demands, however there has been no response from the prison officials in regards to this hunger strike. It must also be mentioned that Mr. Radpour was taken to an unknown location yesterday (August the 6th) at about 10:30 am, and up until this point there is no news about his whereabouts, safety and well being. This is a great cause for concern for The Voice of Human Rights in Iran.

A copy of the letter in Farsi can be found on the website of Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran.

The Demands of Mr. Hardani and Mr. Radpour are as follows:

1. The recognition of political prisoners in Iranian Prison.

2. End to the oppression and inhumane treatment of political prisoners and their families.
3. Separation of political prisoners from non-political and dangerous prisoners.

4. End to the mass executions which have been taken place in the last month in Iran.
5. A visit from an independent committee appointed by the United Nations to the Rajaishahr Prison to see and investigate the current inhumane treatment of political prisoners.

The Voice of Human Rights in Iran


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