A new opposition group called Oghabe Iran has recently been formed. This group is led by Mehdi Rohani, a Former Iranian Imperial Air Force Major General and other exiled Iranian Air Force commanders. From what I have heard and read about this group, they have chosen a peaceful approach to Regime Change, which is to be brought about by the expulsion of the top 100 Islamic Regime Mullah's. Those interested can watch their programs at www.parstv.tv and www.krsi.com every Monday and Thursday at 8:30pm US/PST

For more information on this group please check out the Iransara website

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Thank you for your effort to give the honest information to all Iranian fighting for liberty
    Every Iranian who cares about the future of Iran should join your group the “Oghab-e-Iran”.

    After so many years of activities of Iranian opposition groups, it is with great hope and encouragement to all Iranian to have a very informed group of “Oghab-e-Iran” the group that knows all the truth about this illegitimate occupying regime in Iran and has revealed its true nature of being supported by neocolonialists.

    It is encouraging to know that Iranians have finally waken up and unmasked the true neocolonial nature of this regime in Iran since 1979 coup d’état.

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