According to news received from Gohardasht Prison this morning the hunger strike of Mr. Khaled Hardani and Mansour Radpour is on its 4th day. Mr. Radpour was taken to an unknown location on August 6th 2008 and there has been no news about his whereabouts or health for the past three days.

Further Mr. Hardani was seen by the prison doctor Dr. Andali this morning who indicated that Mr. Hardani is suffering from a stomach and intestine infection. Also there has been a widening of his hearth valves.

In a telephone conversation Mr. Hardani stated that Dr. Andali has written a letter to prison officials stating the prison does not have the facilities to treat Mr. Hardani and he must be treated in a hospital outside of Prison.

The Voice of Human Rights in Iran announces its solidarity with Mr. Hardani and Mr Radpour. We condemn the imprisonment of individuals based on their political and religious beliefs, as well as the inhumane treatment of political prisoners in Iran. We urge the International Community and Human Rights Organizations to condemn the inhumane treatment of political prisoners in Iran, and to take immediate action in the face of this great injustice.

The Voice of Human Right in Iran


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