Human Rights and Democracy Activist website reports " two prisoners in Dastgerd Prison, in the City of Esfehan were taken to solitary cells in order to await their executions. The names of these prisoners are Mr. Ali Jamalvand (24 years old) and Mohammad Jamalvand (26 years old). These two individuals were held in custody for the past two years." The article goes on to state that the reason behind these types of executions, which have become relatively common in Iran, as well as other barbaric punishments such as stoning, execution of political prisoners, children under the age of 18, women as well as non-political prisoners, as well as cutting off of hands and feet, or gouging people's eyes out are techniques used by the Islamic Regime to instill fear in people." They go on to talk about the recent death sentences of three political prisoners Farzad Kamangar, Ali Heydariyan and Farhad Vakili, which has recently been upheld by the Supreme Court in Iran.

They finish the article by condemning the death sentence of these three prisoners, as well as the increase in executions in the past months, and ask the international community to refer Islamic Regime's human rights violations to the United Nations Security Council.


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