According to news received from the Youth Ward (ward 4 section 12) of the Gohardasht Prison Mr. Mosib Shariat was transferred to solitary cells on Monday July 28th 2008 to wait his execution.
It is very difficult to have communication from this ward to get any news. There are about 100 prisoners in this section, many of them are under 18 years or were under 18 years when committing the crimes they are charged with. Many of these young individuals have been sentenced to death.
Mr. Mosib Sharif was born in 1986 and has been imprisoned for a very long time. He has been convicted of getting into a physical altercation with the Basij Army members and has been sentenced to death.
The names of number of prisoners who were hanged on Sunday Jul 27th 2008 include:
1. Bagher- Ward 6, Section 2- Gohardasht Karaj Prison
2. Nayati- Ward 5, section 2- Gohardasht Karaj Prison
3. Sami- Section 2- Gohardasht Karaj Prison
4. Kahani- Ward 6, Section 2- Gohardasht Karaj Prison
5. Ali Mazlum- Ward 4-Gohardasht Karaj Prison
6. Reza Soltani-Ward 6- Gohardasht Karaj Prison
There has been further news that a 22 years old prisoner named yaser Kiyani who has been imprisoned for the past 3 years in Section 4 of the Central Esfehan Prison has been transferred to solitary cells to await execution.
Human Rights and Democracy Activists in \Iran condemn the mass executions carried out by the Islamic Regime and urge all human rights organizations to take immediate steps to help stop the mass executions in Iran.

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran

28th July 2008
tel. : 0031620720193


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