Farhad Hajmirzayi who is a children’s rights activist( in particular focusing on street children) in the city of Sanandaj was arrested on January 2nd 2008 while he was at the dentists office, and his family was unaware of his whereabouts for 3 months.

At the same time I Mehieldin Hajmirzayi (75 years old), Farhad’s father was arrested and detained for 48 hours. I was detained under the most brutal conditions in an extremely cold cell.

According to what I have heard Farhad was also detained under the most brutal conditions and was subjected to the most inhumane types of torture. His liver has been damaged as a result of torture, as well his eye has been damaged due to beatings and torture which has led to internal bleeding of the eye.

Farhad was imprisoned in the Evin Prison for 6 months without access to his lawyer. His lawyer who is Mr. Ramezan Haji Mashadi (According to designation and lawyer appointment documents) has not been able to see Farhad or work on his case yet.

Torture is contrary to the Iranian Constitution as well as human rights statutes in Iran. We request the immediate release of Farhad Hajmirzayi. We further request the presence of Mr. Hajmirzayi’s lawyer in court as well as permission for him to have access to Mr. Hajmirzayi’s file for the purposes of preparing a defence. We also request that Farhad Hajmirzayi be tried in an open court before a jury according to Section 168 of the Iranian Constitution.

Mr. Hajmirzayi has been charged with communication with communist groups outside of Iran as well as general communication with outside groups (outside of Iran). We deny these charges and reiterate that Mr. Hajmirzayi i a children’s rights activist and his beliefs and activities have always been honourable.

We urge Ms. Louise Arbour, United Nations-Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights, the United Nations and international human rights organizations to help our family and take immediate steps to help free our son Farhad Hajmirzayi.

Mehieldin Hajmirzayi

July 28th 2009

Published by:

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran

29th July 2008

tel. : 0031620720193


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