Like Rajaiee Shahr(Gohardasht) Prison wasn't one of the worst in Iran, now they are testing new torture chamber/solitary confinement cells. I have been reading about this on a number of different human rights sites. This is the first time Gohardasht prison is trying out something like this. The solitary cells are very much like Section 209 of the Evin Prison, under direct supervision of the Ministry of Intelligence.

The cells are extremely small,the inmates can only use the washroom 3 times a day,while in solitary confinement cells they are not allowed to get any medical attention and they are regularly interrogated by Intelligence Ministry Officials. Interrogations include severe physical torture. The prisoners are usually handcuffed and their feet are cuffed as well. They are blindfolded and beaten by police clubs, mostly in the sensitive areas of their bodies for very long periods of time.

These special torture cells are used for political prisoners only and are right now just for trial basis. Most recently two political prisoners Mr. Alijan Gerayi(50) and his son Mohsen Gerayi were taken to these cells, interrogated and tortured.

Also recently Behrouz Javid Tehrani, the only prisoner remaining from 18 tir 1999 protests was taken to these solitary cells and kept there and tortured for a number of week.

This is all the information I have right now, but given the fact that the prison is just at a trial stage right now, I think that's something all of us bloggers and human rights activists should look into, maybe there is a way of stopping it, or atleast bringing attention to it before its too late. I will do some digging in the next few days and see what I can find.

If anyone else has any information please keep me informed as well.


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