According to news received from Gohardasht (Rajaishahr) Prison Mr. Alijan Gerayi (50) and his son Mohsen Gerayi, two political prisoners were taken to solitary confinement Section of the Prison on July 6th 2008. This section is under the direct control of the Ministry of Intelligence. They were taken to solitary confinement by an individual named Reza Arefi who had a direct role in their arrest and torture.
Both Mr. Gerayi and his son Mohsen Gerayi were subjected to 8 hours of interrogation by the Ministry of Intelligence interrogators. Raza Arefi subjected Mr. Gerayi to both physical and psychological torture before the eyes of his son. When Mohsen Gerayi objected to the treatment of his father, he was also subjected to brutal torture.
After interrogation these two political prisoners were turned over to Navid Khoyavi who is in charge of Security and Intelligence Service of the Prison. Khoyavi transferred Mr. Alijan and Mohsen Gerayi to solitary cells in the new Section 1 of the Gohardasht Prison, which is the new torture chambers ran by the new prison warden Haj Kazem. Since their transfer to Section 1 there has been no news about the whereabouts of these two political prisoners. This has caused a great amount of concern for Mr. Gerayi’s two other younger children.
Before their transfer to the torture chambers in Section 1 of the Prison Mahmoud Naghziyan, who was recently put in charge of Section 4 of the Prison, had gathered non-political and dangerous prisoners encouraging them to turn against political prisoners, shouting slogans such as “death to non-believers, death to those who don’t believe in the religious government,” he had also encouraged these prisoners to engage in physical altercations with political prisoners. Before his post in Section 4 of the Pirson Mahmoud Naghziyan was in charge of Section 2 of the prison and had a direct role in physical and brutal attacks on political prisoners.
Reza Arefi the interrogator of the Gerayi Family has threatened Ms. Shahanz Keypour who is the mother of the family with arrest and imprisonment of her two younger children Ehsan Gerayi (17) and Atna Gerayi (13) if she tries to raise awareness about the situation of Mr. Alijan and Mohsen Gerayi.
Four members of the Gerayi Family are currently in Gohardahst Prison serving long prison terms. Both Mr. Alijan Gerayi (Father) and Ms. Shahnaz Keypour are serving 5 year prison terms. Ms. Azadeh Gerayi (daughter) who also has a 4 years old daughter as well as Mr. Mohsen Gerayi (Son) are both serving 10 year jail sentences. Two younger children of the family Ehsan (17) and Atna (13) have been left without any adult supervision.
The Conditions of Section 1 of the Gohardasht Prison, where above noted two prisoners are currently being held.
1. This section has 40 solitary cells which is used for the torture of the prisoners.
2. The inmates are held in very small cells, each one of which has a small window.
3. Prisoners are hand cuffed and their feet are also cuffed for days at a time, in different positions.
a. For example handcuffing one’s hands one from behind and one from around the neck together.
b. Cuffing the feet to poles which are in the cells, these types of restraints cause extreme pain and also enable the prisoner from standing up or moving.
c. The prisoners are also sometimes handcuffed from behind which prevents them from being able to do even the most basic things for themselves.
d. The prisoner can also be handcuffed from the front.
4. Different types of torture:
a. Blindfolding, handcuffing and cuffing the prisoners feet, after which 7-8 interrogators attack the prisoner with different types of baton’s torturing him for long periods of time. On many occasions these types of beatings lead to broken bones in different parts of the prisoner’s body.
b. The prisoner is not allowed to receive medical attention or any type of medication
c. The Prisoner is allowed to use the washroom only 3 times a day
d. The prisoner is not allowed to get any fresh air
e. The conditions in this section of the prison are so inhumane and intolerable that many prisoners in this section have attempted suicide.
Human Rights and Democracy Activists condemn the transfer of political prisoners to Section 1 of the Gohardasth Prison. As well they condemn the threats of arrest and imprisonment of children of political prisoners. Human Rights and Democracy Activists urge all human rights organizations to act immediately to help stop the inhumane treatment of political prisoners and their families in Iran.

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran
July 20th 2008


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