According to news received from the central prison in the city of Esfehan, the physical and psychological pressure on MR. Mohammad Nikbakht has been increased under the order of the new prison warden Mr. Hashemi.

For some time now Mr. Nikhbakht has been subjected to great physical and psychological pressure by the former prison warden Babayi, Hashemi (the current warden) as well as two (2) other individuals Banayi and Garji who are in charge of “discipline and intelligence” section of the prison.
Under the orders of above mentioned individuals Mr. Nikbakht was transferred from Section 2 to Section 3 of the Prison. Section 3 is where drug dealers and drug addicts are imprisoned, and the living conditions in this section is intolerable and inhumane.

This ward is extremely crowded and some prisoners are forced to sleep in the hallways or under the stairs. The individuals named above have ordered the prisoners not to allow Mr. Nikbakht in their cells and have encouraged other prisoners to start physical altercations with him in exchange for certain privileges. Hashemi and Gerji are trying to create a “war like” environment against Mr. Nikbakht in Section 3 of the prison in order to increase the pressure on him.

Since Hashemi has become the new warden in Esfehan Prison about 18 prisoners have tried to commit suicide and unfortunately many of these attempts have been successful.

Most recently new individuals have been assigned to the most important positions in the prison. This can be seen in the appointment of a new warden, Hashemi who replaced Babayi. It is through that the purpose behind this change is the further oppression of political prisoners.

It has further been reported that an individual named Hamid Moghareb Abed who is famous for his brutal behavior towards prisoners has been promoted to be the head of disciplinary section in Section of the of the Prison. Hamid Moghareb Abed does not hesitate in the brutal treatment of prisoners for any reason.

In the past few days many young activists in the city of Esfehan have been arrested due to their participation in demonstrations against dictatorship. There individuals are being held in custody in Section A-T (solitary cells) of the prison which is under direct control of the Ministry of Intelligence. About 60 individuals are currently being held in solitary cells.

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran condemn the recent arrests as well as the increase physical and psychological pressure on political prisoners. They urge all human rights organizations to act immediately to put a stop to the inhumane treatment of political prisoners in Iran.

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran
July 17th 2008


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