In another news report by Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran, they report on the brutal torture of an un-named political prisoner, to the point where he may have gone blind (according to unconfirmed news)

There are further reports about the new solitary confinement cells in the new Section 1 of the Gohardasht Prison, where political prisoners are taken to be tortured. This section is under direct supervision of the Ministry of Intelligence, and is currently operating on a trial basis. Behrouz Javid Tehrani spent about 50 days in Section 1 of this prison recently. Most recently a father and son Mr. Alijan Gerayi and his Son Mohsen Gerayi were taken to Section 1 of the prison and nobody has been able to obtain any news about their well being since their transfer to that section.

I would urge all human rights activists and bloggers to start writing about this new wing in Gohardasht Prison and try to bring attention to this matter as soon as possible. Let's remember that these cells are currently operating on a trial basis, however if we all continue to remain silent they may become permanent...


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