Yaghub Mehrnehad a 28 years old activist has been sentenced to death and maybe executed at any moment!

Mr. Yaghub Mehrenhad is a journalist and a human rights activist. According to an Amnesty International report he was arrested on May 6th 2007 in the city of Zahedan, the capital city of the province of Baluchestan.

Mr. Mehrnehad was a journalist for a reformist newspaper Mardomsalar (Democracy) as well as the founder and president of an NGO called Sedaye Edalat (voice of Justice). Mr. Mehrnehad is also a Nationalist with strong Nationalist ties, according to reliable sources.

According to the same Amnesty International Report Mr. Mehrnehad was sentenced to death on February 9th 2008 after an unfair trial, behind closed doors without the presence of his lawyer and after being subjected to cruel torture for many months. He had been charged with being a risk to national security.

According to the latest news I have received from very credible sources who wish to remain anonymous Mr. Mehrnehad has not been executed and remains in prison.

It is also important to point out that one of the most common techniques used by the Islamic Regime to justify executions is accusing minority activists such as Kurds or Balooch individuals of being involved in armed opposition groups, where as many of these individuals are peaceful activists with strong nationalist beliefs.

Sayeh Hassan


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