Iran's Ministry of Welfare and Social Security policies still based on charity: Social welfare researcher announcing the increasing subsidy escaping rate
Figures regarding the population living "under the absolute poverty line": Fifteen million divergence in official and expert' statistics
Payvand.com -- A social welfare researcher referring to the welfare indexes in the country said: Still a part of Iranian population lives under the extreme poverty line not having enough income even to spend on food. Iran's per capita income is about 300 dollars, whereas the rate for Kuwait is 26 thousands, UAE 25 thousands, Saudi Arabia 12.4 thousands and Amman 9.5 thousand dollars.Saeed Madani in an interview with social correspondent of Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), asserted that optimistically the population living under the poverty line has been announced to be one million. He added: Nevertheless realistic assessments indicate that four to five million Iranians now live under the extreme poverty line.


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