In the Name of Freedom,

On Tuesday September 11, 2007 two political prisoners were removed from the section where they were being incarcerated for the period of two hours, to prevent them from speaking to a foreign reporter who was visiting the prison.

Mr. Keyvan Rafiee and Mr. Arjang Davoudi were removed from section 350 of the Evin prison between the hours of 9:30am-11:30am so that they would not be able to meet to the foreign journalist.

Human Rights Activists in Iran condemn the creation of an ideal scenario in the prison for foreign journalists and would like to remind the Iranian Regime that so far these scenarios have not given the desired result and the voice of political prisoners will be heard by the world, one way or another.

Human Rights Activists in Iran.

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  1. cyo news said...
    Come to scene at 10th of October With the world, against Capital Punishment
    Iranian people! Libertarian men and women!
    10th of October is the global day against Capital Punishment. This year the general assembly of United Nations is suppose to ratify a resolution asking all governments to suspend the Capital Punishment. 10th of October the whole world will look at Execution, which is the state deliberate murder that still happens in some countries including Iran

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