In the name of Freedom,

According to news received from the Evin Prison, Dr. Keyvan Ansari a student activist has been transferred to Section 350 of the Evin Prison.

Keyvan Ansari a PhD student at Amir Kabir University had been imprisoned in Section 8 of the Evin Prison was transferred to Section 350 of the Prison a few hours earlier.

Keyvan Ansari along with Pouya Jahandar and Saeed Derakhshandi were arrested last year and charged with organizing illegal groups, coaching a group of individuals to attack a National Television Seda Sima, having secret emails, Insulting Regime Officials through written statements on their computers…They spent the last year in pre-trial custody awaiting their trial and sentence.

Human Rights Activists in Iran

P.S. According to other news I recieved today from Iranian Political Prisoners Association Mr. Ansari has been sentenced to 3.5 years imprisonment. For further information please check out


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