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Execution is an antihuman phenomenon in all the international centers and according to all the international resolutions is against the Human Rights. Execution by totalitarian and dictator countries is a punishment for freedom thinkers and liberals and so.

In 17th July a report form revolution court of Sanandaj was published by all Islamic republic Medias saying that Adnan Hassanpur a member of editorial board of suspended weekly journal “Aso” and Abdolvahed (Hiwa) Butimar a civic active are convicted to execute.

Execute Conviction for these two civic actives not only is against the International Conventions and Human Rights that The Islamic Republic has signed them, but this reality shows that the leaders and officials of this regime are acting against these Conventions continually and trampled underfoot all its terms.

Continually convictions for journalism and civic actives are just an example of these clear actions against International Principles.

We as numbers of journalism, civic, political, intellectual, Women Rights, Student and Cultural Kurd actives and numbers of NonKurd Human Rights advocators and Humanists, cooperate with Leila Hassanpur (Adnan’s sister) convict the death sentence for Adnan Hassanpur and Hiwa Butimar and demand for invalidation this unjust conviction for these two Kurd actives and demand for a just trial for them, too.

Also, we demand that all international centers and organizations demand for invalidation of this unjust conviction and try for their freedom.

Campaign for supporting the Kurd Journalist Adnan Hassanpur and civic active Hiwa Butimar


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