Khaled Hardani at Risk of Imminent Execution

Khaled Hardani is an Iranian Political Prisoner whose execution date has been set for July 4th 2007. Mr. Hardani was first arrested in January of 2001 when along with 11 members of his extended family he attempted to Hijack a 30 seater passenger air craft.
He wanted to attempt and force the plane to fly to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Reportedly the family was trying to escape the extreme poverty and discrimination they were facing as members of Iranian Arab Minorities.
Mr. Hardani along with two of his brother in laws were sentenced to death on charges of acts against national security (egdam aleyhe amniyat) and Moharebeh or enmity with god, not in relation to specific charges regarding the hijacking of the plane.
Khaled Hardani has been in prison for the past seven years under severe physical and psychological torture. He was originally sentenced to hang on January 19, 2005, however the head of Judiciary ordered a stay of execution, so that his lawyer could appeal the sentence.
Two months ago Mr. Hardani was transferred to Raji Shahr Prison which is one of the worst prisons in Iran. Numbers of his family members including his wife and small child have also been imprisoned in the past. On June 7th 2007 he was informed of his new date of execution which is set for July 4th , 2007. He has appealed to all human rights activists and organizations to help save his life.
Although we have become aware of his situation at the last minute, there is still time to try to help. We may not be able to stop the execution but we can certainly try. History has shown time and again that international pressure does work. Executions have been stopped, people have been saved from torture and death sentenced have been commuted thanks to international pressure.
Please write to your MP’s, contact different human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights watch as well as write about him on your websites and blogs. Lets get the word out as fast and as wide as possible.

Sayeh Hassan


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