I recently had the opportunity to read an article written by David Harris which promotes a military attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.

David Harris, Citizen Special
Published: Monday, June 04, 2007
When the United States strikes Iran -- as it will -- the result will be a disaster, but a disaster that cannot be avoided.

Today, Iran's radical Islamist military, security and intelligence machine reflects the extremism of its history and entrenched masters. It has made Iran an engine of global instability and menace. For Iran today is on the verge of grasping the nuclear club, even as it remains an ungovernable influence in the international community.

Iran's extremist and uncontrollable nature has been well defined through action.

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Following are comments which I sent for him.

Dear Mr. Harris,

I had the opportunity to read your article in the Ottawa Citizen and had a few comments that I felt I should share with you.

I certainly agree with almost everything you said regarding the brutality of the Islamic Regime and its danger towards the Iranian People as well as the global community as a whole. However I strongly oppose a military attack even on the nuclear sites for a number of reasons. As you may very well know most of these nuclear sites are underground and in heavily populated areas and a military attack would only cause the death of many civilians, with no guarantee that these facilities may have been destroyed.

Second In your article you only spoke about the negative effect a military action in Iran would have on the West (ie the suicide bombings) but you failed to mention the effect it would have on the Iranian people. After the 8 year war with Iraq our countrys infrastructure was destroyed and we lost close to 1 million people, I strongly believe I speak for most Iranians when I say we do not need another war.

Further I have no doubt that the IRI would welcome a military attack since it would only serve to increase its popularity and at the same time create hatred towards the west, which is exactly what they want. Right now there is a very strong pro-democratic movement going on in Iran (although we do not hear about it much in the west) and that is the only viable solution to the dangers of the Islamic Regime.

I was dissapointed to see you did not mention anything regarding the strong anti regime movement inside Iran and focused only on a military invasion, which in the long term will not only have terrible consequences for Iranians but for the West as well.

As someone who is directly in touch with student and human rights activists in Iran I can assure you that Iranian people want change, and they are risking their very lives trying to achieve it. They need the support of Western Governments in order to accomplish this hard task, not a military invasion.

I find it troubling that Canada allows for many high ranked IRI officials to come to Canada and invest millions of dollars, and then they talk about a military attack on Iran. Why not atleast try helping the democratic movement in Iran first, by stopping to support the IRI officials, and if that does not work, then move towards a more drastic option?

Those are just a few thoughts I had which I wanted to share.

All the best



  1. serendip said...
    excellent. Thanks. Let us know if you receive a reply.
    Rosemary said...
    Dear Sayeh,
    Excellent points. I go back and forth myself with this. I have been writing for almost 3 years now about the pro-democracy movement, but I am only a citizen journalist. No one picks up my articles.

    I have urged President Bush not to allow Ahmadinejad on USA soil, because it would offer him 'credibility'. The last thing we need for the pro-democracy groups is confusion. What a mixed message this is! Then he allows our ambassador in Iraq to meet with your ambassador? I have no idea how this man thinks anymore.

    I do remember him saying that anyone who is a terrorist or harbors terrorists shall be considered an enemy of the USA. He has become weak-kneed from all the screams of torture.

    Have you heard of all the hangings? Beheadings? Torture? I mean real torture. Not the kind the terrorists are trained to lie about. NO? That, my dear, is because there is none!

    They eat three times a day (better than I do!). They have prayer rugs, arrows pointing east, they receive 5 times a day time to pray, and so much more. Some people actually do not want to leave!

    But I am getting off topic. I pray God would crush those terrorists under His foot, and set you all free. I will continue to pray for your friends, family and you. God bless you.

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