The crack down on student activists in Amir Kabir University continues. Abbas Hakimzadeh a student activist in Amir Kabir University was arrested last night by the intelligence ministry agents. His computer and a number of other personal belongings were also confiscated. He is reportedly being kept in s. 209 of the Evin Prison.

Before his arrest Mr. Hakimzadeh had been suspended for two terms from Amir Kabir University for his political activities.

In the recent weeks 7 other student activists namely Ehsan Mansouri, Ahmad Ghasaban, Majid Sheykhpour, Majid Tavakoli, Maghdad Khalilpour and Pouyan Mahmoudiyan have been arrested and transferred to s. 209 of the Evin Prison.

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  1. Rosemary said...
    They will never understand how much better it would be if they would only listen. Such stubborness is going to be their own demise (the gov't). I cannot wait!

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