Zeinab Peyqambarzadeh, a women’s rights activist and an active member of the One Million Signatures Campaign, who was among the 33 women arrested on March 4th during a peaceful gathering outside the Revolutionary Courts, was arrested again today. Peyqambarzadeh reported to the Security Branch of the Revolutionary Courts this morning, Monday May 7th, after she received a summons in relation to her arrest in March. While the summons was written last month, it was only presented to her two days ago on May 5th, after which she is allowed three business days to appear in court. A few hours after entering the courthouse, Zeinab contacted her father, to let him know that she was being transferred to Evin Prison.
“She could only speak briefly and in the phone conversation explained that she had been asked to put up 20 million Tomans (roughly 20,000 Euros) bond. Zeinab explained that she would not be able to put up the hefty sum requested from the courts, and as such she was transferred to Evin prison,” explained Mr. Peyqambarzadeh, Zeinab’s father. “I do not own my home and am currently renting, as such there is no way I can come up with this sum of money in return for the release of my daughter” Mr. Peyqambarzadeh explained. Latest reports indicate that Zeinab is currently under arrest and being held in Evin prison.
In related news, Maryam Hosseinkhah, a journalistm, women’s rights activist and a member of the Women’s Cultural Center, and Fatemeh Govaraie, a women’s rights activist, both among the 33 women arrested on March 4th, were summoned to court. The courts issued a summons for Maryam Hosseinkhah to the third party guarantor who had placed bond for her release from prison. Hosseinkhah’s guarantor is responsible for ensuring that she appears in court.
Fatemeh Govaraie’s guarantor was also contacted by the courts and informed that should Ms. Govaraie not appear in court in the three day time period required of her, a 10 million Toman sum would need to be paid. Both women will have to appear before the Revolutionary Courts within three days.
Both women were summoned in relation to their arrests, along with 31 others, on March 4th, when women’s rights activists staged a peaceful protest outside the Revolutionary Courts, in objection to the increasing pressure on the women’s rights activists and the trial of 5 of their colleagues.
Source: Change for Equality


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