LONDON, April 13 (AFP) Apr 13, 2007
Diplomacy must be given time to work in the West's stand-off with Iran over its controversial nuclear programme, the US undersecretary of state for political affairs said on Thursday, adding that conflict with Iran was not "desirable" or "inevitable."
Speaking to the BBC, Nicholas Burns said that the West had to have a "degree of patience" with diplomacy if it was to work, adding that there is still time for a diplomatic solution to the impasse.

"We've got some time to work here, and I think if diplomacy is to be pursued, and is to be successful, then we have to have a degree of patience about it," Burns told the broadcaster.
"You can't just react in an emotional way when you're talking about very serious issues."
He continued: "Our view is that a military conflict is not desirable, and it is certainly not inevitable, and if we can work skilfully together ... then we may be successful. We ought to give that a try."


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