Summon to eliminate Execution sentence in Iran
Thousands people are executed in Iran, by 27 years of ruling of Islamic Republic of Iran. Execution is transported form closed jail to streets, city squares and stadiums in the public in front of people eyes. The Cranes are used for killing people rather than use it for development.

Execution method is promoted from Execution in the close place in the jail to hanging many people in public concurrent. It is so shameful, the Stoning as disgusting method of execution is order in the courts since now. Execution commandment has no age range, include Children, olds, and pregnant women so.

In decade of 1980 execution statistics were developed inconceivable as quiet executions of Kurdistan prisons, thousands of political prisoners were executed by firing squad in 1989.

We can see progressive development of execution statistics in last year, there is no week that no execution reported by governmental medias news.

After a quick break time execution of political prisoners is started again, these executed men were 1_Esmaeel Mohammadi 2_ Hojat Zamani 3_Mahmod Pajovini 4_Aziz khalkani 5_Masoud Shooke 6_ Salah Mahmodi 7_ Abdolah Soulimani 8_Ali MotiriNejad 9_maalk bani tamim. 10-Khalf dorhab Khaziravi 11 -Mohammad Ja'ab-pour 12-Abdol-Amir Faraj-allah Ja'ab 13- Alireza Askari

Execution of children has gotten new face, and there are so many children are executed until now. The execution method for children got some change after protests of human rights international organizations, children who are sentenced to death will be kept in prison until they enter to upon legal age, after that they will be executed.

Women are next victims of non-humanity executions. In the last year there were so much increaser executions for them. They were killed in the public as all prisoners. The young girl named Atefeh Rajabi who was paining of mental disorders is an example.

Numbers of people are executed in Balochistan in the last moths and weeks, and statistics of executions in Khozestan are developing.

There is many prisoners sentenced to death are waiting for execution, and some of them are commended to death newly, that they are:

1-Dr. Saeid Masoory 2- Gholam-hosein Kalbi 3- Alireza Karami Khirabadi 4- Khaled Hardani 5- Farhang pourmansoori 6- Shahram pourmansoori 7- Fazel Ramezani 8- Hajat Morad Mohammadi 9- Abdollah Soleimani 10- Abdol-Reza Sanavati 11- Ghasem Salamat 12-Majid Ale-Boghbish 13- Nazem borhe'ee 14- Abdol-Reza Halichi 15- Zamen Bavi 16_Mohammad hasan pour 17_Abdoulah Ghasem zade 18_ bakhsh Ali mohamadi 19_Jahan ali mohamadi

Women who commended to death because of saving themselves and are waiting for execution are:

1_Delara DArabi 2_ Nazanin Fatehi 3_kobra rahman pour 4_Akram Ghavi Del 5_fateme haghighat pajouh 6_Shahla Jahed 7_ Taiebe Hojati 8_Azam Ghare Shiran 9_Akhtar Mohammadi Monfared 10_Limo Ebrahimi 11_Malek Ghorbani 12_ Mohebat Mahmodi 13_ halale Mohamad Zade

Children who are waiting for Execution are:

1- Sina Paimand 2-Ali Alijani 3_Hedait Niromand

By the report of human rights organizations, Iran is second country in execution statistics.

For to ending killing people, to ending fear in social, to commend humanity, to defense of defenseless prisoners, must become united to complain in the worldwide:

We want to end of death sentences, by the asking people who are protest of executions, we as singer of this letter has made this summon by right requests of Iran people. We ask all of human rights members or organization in worldwide to urging the authorities of Iran to stop executions.


1- Human Rights Activists in Iran (H.R.A.I)

2- Kurdish Human Rights defence organization (R.M.M.K )

3- Kurdish Woman Rights
4- committee defence for Human Rights in north-west of Iran (H.RN.W.I)
5- Ahwazi Human Rights organization (A.H.R.O)

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