The Human Cost of Iran's Islamist Rule
It was in February 1979 when, on board an Air France flight freighted with some powerful Iranian Bazaaris, Dastmalchi and Barkhordar, with the formal approval of the then French President Giscard Estaing, a bearded Shia Islamist cleric from an Indian Sikh family landed in Tehran. After years spent preaching an ideology of death and violence in the name of "social justice" (populist-style), via clandestine radio broadcasts courtesy of Paris, Ruhollah Khomeini had proclaimed himself as the "liberator of the people of...................

As the Ayatollahs celebrated their anniversary this year, here is the human and social cost of 28 years of Islamist power on the Iranian nation and people:

• Public Executions, flogging, stoning, amputation of limbs in public, mutilation of hands and feet and gauging of the eye of the condemned;

• Mass killings of political prisoners;

• Assassination of dissidents outside of Iran (a sad example is the hunting and killing of Iranian dissidents in Europe in the late 1980s by the Islamic republic's agents, who were later pardoned by complacent European governments);

• Construction of more prisons to hold thousands of political prisoners;

• Promotion of international and domestic terrorism;

• Violation of human, religious and women's rights;

• Lack of civil and social liberties;

• Killing and imprisonment of dissident journalists;

• Censorship and closure of independent news publications;

• Stealing of the nation's wealth and transfer of public funds to abroad-based terror groups;

• Destruction of the once-flourishing economy through widespread, state-sanctioned corruption and mismanagement, resulting in a very high inflation rate (official sources estimate it to be close to 20% , but real numbers are believed to be much higher) and an unemployment rate of 15% (although the unofficial numbers are more than the triple);

• Devaluation of the Tooman, Iran's national currency;

• Malnutrition, retarded growth and increased rate of depression among the youth;

• The Iran- Iraq war of the 1980s, resulting in millions dead, wounded, handicapped and homeless;

• Building of nuclear weapons for aggressive aims;

• Trade of women as sex slaves in Persian Gulf countries;

• Mandatory veiling of all women, regardless of their religion or social status. Failing to wear it is enough to risk jail, flogging or heavy fines.

The above gives you just an idea of what life under the Mullahs has meant and still means for millions of Iranians


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