Today about 2000 students gathered in Tehran University to commomorade the Students Day as well as to protest against the Islamic Regime.

Our students have worked long and hard risking everything they have including their lives to bring about change in Iran. Unfortunately when speaking with most Iranians abroad I find that we have become cynical to the degree where most of us have absoloutely no faith in our students and their movement. I find this to be a huge shame, especially because the student movement is alive and very strong and will not back down. I think its a shame when most of our focus is on countries such as US and people like George Bush and how they will save us from the IRI.

The reality is if we do not scratch our own backs nobody will scratch it for us, and while international support is extremely important, why not also focus on the strong movement going on inside Iran and figure out how to help the student movement which I strongly believe can and will be the ultimate vehicle of change in Iran.

In any event this message is in solidarity with the student movement and every single individual that is trying to bring freedom and democracy to Iran.

Long Live the Student Movement

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  1. Winston said...
    students are useless and cant really change things as we expect. They need to be coupled with workers and others to be able to change the status quo, otherwise dont count on them so much

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