I just got word that Manouchehr Mohammadi has made it to US, safe and sound. I am so happy to hear this news, I think it is a great step forward for the student movement. I will write more as I get more information.

PS. sorry for the late updates, I am studying for bar exams.


  1. Aryamehr said...
    Dear Sayeh,

    Please see this letter:


    And inform me whether you'd like to be signatory to it or not.

    If you could pass it on to others as well i would really appreciate it.
    Shiro_Khorshid said...
    Dear Aryamehr, thanx for bringing this petition to my attention, yes I would be more then happy to sign it, just couldn't figure out how to do it. Could you please direct me.
    Aryamehr said...
    Dear Sayeh,

    It's not a petition but rather a letter of protest which we are going to send off individually to CBS News and Sky News. I'm going to have an entry on it tomorrow with links to the updated letter and contact details for everyone - if you visit my blog tomorrow evening I should have put it up...

    Thanks for your support.
    Winston said...
    Mr. Michael Ledeen was so helpful in getting him out of Turkey to the US.

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