I think the title should be "Islamic Revolution fully relies on basij" Since when is the basij equated withe the Iranian people? So disturbing...

LONDON, November 26 (IranMania) - Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Manouchehr Mottaki said that the Islamic Revolution of Iran is one of the governing systems in the world, which, in addition to religious beliefs, essentially relies on the people, IRNA reported.
According to the ministry's Information and Press Department, he offered congratulations on the occasion of Basij (volunteer forces) Week, and said that the country is based on two principles of Islam and the people.
"The late Imam Khomeini is considered as the only individual who succeeded in forging a link between the two essential axes," he noted.
Touching on people's role in the Islamic Republic of Iran as the code for its survival, he said that Basij helped the Iranians gain global popularity as a nation of resistance.
He underlined the need for preserving Basij's values, and added, "Basij is considered a school of thought which has the essence of the Iranian nation.
We should be proud of being a member of Basij." Commemorating Basij men in different arenas, he appreciated Basij's state and prospects in the Islamic community.


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