Here are pictures of a few political prisoners in Iran. Starting from top left Mehrdad LOHRASBI, Manouchehr MOHAMADI, Kianoush SANJARI, Behrouz Javid TEHRANI, Valliolah Feyze MAHDAVI (murdered in prison in Septermber of 2006), Ahmad BATEBI, Akbar MOHAMMADI (Murdered in prison on July 31st 2006)

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    IRAN Three Desperate Situations Need Our Prayers - VOM Sources/
    Please pray for these situations in Iran: (1) Two sisters were summoned and given a last warning not to evangelize. They believe God has called them and feel led to stay in their city and continue evangelizing. (2) A young Kurdish man was arrested on October 28, and since a phone call he made on the 30th, no one has heard from him. (3) A 19-year-old believer serving in the army was arrested for evangelizing and tortured for two days. They released him after he signed a written confession that he would no longer evangelize. He is emotionally distraught. Pray these believers would stand firm and know God's strength. Mark 13:13

    for more information please visit this website

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