Ok so today was the day of Ghods in Iran and apparantly relatively big protests took place against Israel, quite constructive isn't it? I find it hard to find why people won't go out and protest to save their own country, but they are so worried about Palestine. (Enghadr sange arabaro be sine nazanim) atleast while we have so many problems in our country and with the dictatorship regime. Oh and as always Ahmadinejad made a brilliant comment during Friday Prayer saying there is absoloutely no reason for the existence of Israel and that it won't exist for much longer. How much more warning signs does the international community need before realizing what a dangerous regime we are all dealing with?? If they have no mercy for their own people what makes the world think they will have any mercy for non Iranian and non Muslims? Beats me.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Dear Sayah,
    I am sorry to read your idea about your country and the day of Ghods,You are far from Iran and cannot judge well about Iran,because you are feeding from west newspapars,west chanles .they are well controled by CIA and thier government.I don't want to say that we have no problem,yes we have!!but please look at the reasons and causes deeply.Do the ammerica and european countries like our country to be a development one.surly no .because they earn they living from export to some countries like iran.they are not interested to have a rival in mark,so they try to make a lot of problem in Iran ,directly or indirectly,I told you only one simple reason ,there are a lot of reasons that i am sure you find it if you think deeply.please listen to call of conscience and don't help to iran enemies.
    Jim said...
    you are right. Why is Palestine Ahmadinejads busines. Israel is one of the most developed countries in the Middle East. What have the Palestinians or Arabs done?

    They were against Iran in the war. They all supported Iraq.

    And they were so greedy the sold their lands to the Jewish immigrants who they made something out of the desert and now they want it back.

    They will turn it into the shabby slum it was before Israel.

    Just like what happened to South Africa and Rhodesia after that was developed out of wilderness.

    Then given away to someone else because they wanted it and didn't have anything and there were more of them and they were needier and a minority I guess is the best reason.

    If the Palestinians want to succeed they will get help from the communists like the Blacks in South Africa and Rhodesia did

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