Fazail Azizan has been in custody since monday. He had earlier anouned that in case of arrest and detention he would go on a hunger strike and according to reports he has been on hunger strike for the past 6 days. His wife Ms. Kobra Ghorbanzadeh was also arrested on Thursday while visiting her husband in prison. It is important to note that she is three months pregnant and any physical or phychological torture may very well lead to losing the unborn child. Both Mr. Azizan and Ms. Ghorbanzadeh have been active members of a committe for the support from political prisoners in Iran. Their lives and the life of their unborn child is in danger. Please write to all human rights groups including Amnesty International and Human Rights watch and pressure them into campaigning for the freedom of these two human rights activists.
"man agar barkhizam, to agar barkhizi, hame barmikhizand, man agar benshinam, to gar benshini, che kasi barkhizad"


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