From talking with a lot of people who are a generation older (35-45 years old) or even people closer to my own age I have seen that so many of them have become extremely cynical and jaded when it comes to any possible change in Iran. Who can blame them for being discouraged when we see how political prisoners are killed everyday without anyone daring to raise a voice or question anything. Many of us believe that a real change can only happen through the efforts of people who are INSIDE Iran but how can that happen when people are just not willing to take a risk and stand up? (Majority of people that is, ofcourse there is the activist fraction consisting of students, workers, women and human rights activists). Well I heard something on Radio Farda on Monday that really gave me renewed hope and courage, maybe change is forthcoming after all. A husband and wife by the name of Azizan (hopefully im not mis-spelling the name) who reside in Ardebil decided that they were going to hold the government accountable for the death of Akbar Mohammadi and Feyze Mahdavi and they went and stood in front of a government building (not sure exactly which one) and hold up a poster saying why did these above named prisoners had to die in custody. Ofcourse within 30 minutes they were attacked by government officials, the husband was beaten and taken away, after the wife arrived home numerous male government officials forced their way into their house and searched the entire house and took away many of their personal belongings. I do not have any update on what has happened in the past two days, but the moral of the story is we have strong coragous people who are willing to stand up and risk everything while holding the government accountable for their crimes. This couple who had absoloutely no relations with Akbar Mohammadi or Feyze Mahdavi said that they could not sit back and let people die for no reason. This is so encouraging and gave me brand new hope that things are really changing and people are just not willing to obey the dictatorship anymore. I would love to hear more thoughts on this.


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