I just finished listening to a part of Khatami's speech, where he responds to a Jewish students question in regards to the missing Israeli pilot Arad. His answer was disturbing on so many different levels. He basically said that if he had any idea where this pilot was he would do everything he can to return him to his home because its terrible when people go "missing" and have their families waiting for them for years not knowing what is going on. This coming from a guy who is personally responsible for the dissapearance of so many innocent Iranian students and activists! In Farsi we have a saying "faghat bayad ru dashte bashi" and he DOES. I have never seen a bigger hypocrite in my life!! To speak publicly of how bad dissapearance is when he personally has hand in the dissapearance of so many is DISGUSTING. If anyone had any doubts once again he has proved what a lying snake he is!


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