I think trying to remove the Islamic Regime from the United Nations due to the gross human rights violations commited by them is one thing, but removing them for a comment made by Ahmadi Nejad is a whole other story. I spten about two years reading every book i could find on the Holocoaust and I have no doubt that it occured and that it was one of the greaters tragedies committed by the human kind. I also think its extremely dnagerous to deny the past becasue then we are bound to repeat the same mistakes. That is exactly what is happening in Iran. What is happening to the Iranians in Iran is no less then a genocide, people are being executed in public everyday, we have the same type of torture, rape and disapearances that took place during the holocaust, granted not in the millions, NOT YET. Not to mention the cultural genocide undertaken by the Islamic Regime in the past 27 years. It is all good and well for human rights activists like Elie Wiesel to condment the comments made by Ahmadi Nejad, but its disturbing that no where in the article anything is mentioned about any of the human rights abuses going on in Iran. Could it be that the real concern here is STATE Soverignty rather then human rights? When UN was first created it was meant to prevent anything like the Holocaust from ever occuring again. Unfortuantely th eUN has done anything but to fulfill its purpose. Over the years the only thing that has gained importance within the United Nations is the concept of state soverignty. thats probably why some of the worst human rights violators have seats on the human rights commision in the United Nations. Since the holocouast at leasttwo genocides hae taken place in Rwanda and Yougoslavia and UN has done literally nothing to even attempt to stop it. I would go fruther and argue that what is going on in Iran is genocide although on a smaller scale. I think the point here is that we as Iranians canot sit and wait for other people or other nations to keep the best interest of the Iranian people in mind, we cannot depend on the UN or the international community because at the end of the day the only people that have the best interest of Iran are Iranians. Iran is our homeland and we have Iranian blood flowing through our veins and always will, it is time for us to unite under the Shiro Khorshid (Lion and Sun) and take the faith of our country into our own hands.

Elie Wiesel calls on U.N. to expel Iran
NEW YORK -- Nobel Peace Prize recipient Elie Wiesel says Iran should be expelled from the United Nations.
"I began a campaign for the expulsion of Iran from the U.N. and the declaration of its president as a persona non grata all over the world because he threatens a member state of destruction," the Holocaust survivor said Thursday in a telephone interview with The Associated Press.
Iran announced April 11 that it had enriched a small quantity of uranium, fueling international concerns that it is well on the way to developing an atomic bomb. The country insists its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called for Israel to be "wiped off the map" and has dismissed the Holocaust as a myth.


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    Hi Sayeh,
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