Last night a friend brought it to my attention that the link between Carleton University the Islamic Regime and Terrorism may not be very clear. So I thought I would shed some light on the issue. I did my undergraduate degree at Carleton University and I am very familiar with the student body as well as the numerous student organizaitons.

For starters Carleton University is the only Canadian University that has an admission office in Iran. Numerous Iranian students come to Carleton each year funding htier education through governmetn bursaries. these bursaries are given to students who at the very least have a very strong Islamic background. Many of them come to Carleton University under the disguise of studying, but in reality they have other assignments. One of the things these students are actively involved with is information gathering against students and groups who are opponents of the Islamic Regime.

How do I know this? I was the founder of a student group that opposed the Islamic Regime while doing my undergraduate degree and I have had numerous unpleasant experiences with these students, from being snubbed to being verbally attacked to having to defend myself against complaints made to the university because I refused to use the Islamic Regime’s flag and always organized my events under the Lion and Sun (Shiro Khorshid) Flag.
There is also another group of students who are very closely related to the Islamic Regime. This is the Islamic fundamentalist students who have numerous religious organizations in the University. These students consist of both Iranian and Arab students.

In 2002-2003 I was well acquainted with the leader of one of these groups which shall remain nameless. This individual personally informed me that their group was funded by the Islamic Regime Embassy in Ottawa. This was a group which would put up the pictures of Khomeini (the so called Islamic Leader) and would promote suicide bombings in Palestine. This organization is still running strong 4 years later as is many newly developed Islamic Fundamentalist groups.

Few activists that have remained at the university are operating under real fear for their safety and well being. I have tried on numerous occasions to bring the attention of journalists to this issue, unfortunately there has never been enough proof to link these students to any illegal/terrorist activities. UNTIL NOW that is. I have no doubt that the case of this particular Iranian girl is not an isolated incident. Carleton University is full of extremists Islamic Students who are financially backed by the terrorist Regime of the Islamic Government. I have no doubt that if further criminal investigations are undertaken in Carleton University it will be discovered that many things are going on under the disguise of student organizations including possible and very dangerous terrorist activities.


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