As most of you know about a month ago Akbar Mohammadi was murdered in the notorious Evin prison while on a two week hunger strike. The news was devestating not only for the student movement, but for all Iranians who are in support of a free and democratic Iran. This is something you may not have heard about just yet. Manouchehr Mohammadi was smuggled from Iran about a week ago. His whereabouts as of now are not known, but we know that he is out of Iran and safe. He is awaiting to get acceptance from a safe country. I personally feel very optimistic about this new development. I believe that Manouchehr Mohammadi could be a great asset to the student movement outside of Iran, because he is credible and becasue of his in debt knowladge of Iranian politics and personal experiences of the past 7 years. I look forward to hearing about the new developments as they take place.


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