Today we are faced with the tragic death of another political prisoner. Valiollah Feyzal Mahdavi is the second political prisoner to die as a result of hunger strike in the past two months. Mr. Mahdavi had been charged with being a member of Mojahedeen and was originally sentenced to death. His sentence later was commuted to life imprisonment. He had been transferred from the Evin prison to the Rajaee Shahr prison two years ago. He had not been able to have any visitors for the past two years including his lawyer. 11 days ago he went on a hunger strike protesting the terrible prison conditions and asking for three simple things including seeing his lawyer and being transfered to the Evin prison. Unfortunately none of his requests were granted and he passed away while on hunger strike. There have been reports of the Islamic Regime authorities pressuring his inmates into stating that he had died as a result of suicide instead of a hunger strike.
We have lost another young individual to the brutality of the Islamic Regime. It's important to point out that just a month ago we lost Mr. Akbar Mohammadi while he had been on a two week hunger strike, today its Mr. Mahdavi and tomorow... Let us break the silence before its too late.

Down with the Islamic Regime


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